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6 - 9 inches (15.24 - 22.86 cm).


Can be long or short. A variety of colors are acceptable.


These dogs are intelligent and sometimes too brave for their own good. They usually bond with only one person.


Living with other dogs and cats is usually not a problem. Small children may regard the dog as a toy.


Regular grooming with a brush and comb is required. The claws must be kept trimmed, and teeth must be checked frequently for tartar buildup.


Although they are usually not trained because of their small size, Chiwauwaus are eager to learn.


Chiwauwaus can usually get enough exercise by running around indoors. offers a range of Chiwauwau Dogs For Sale.

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Snoopy is just the perfect dog - he is already part of our family - he likes to play with the children. Snoopy brought a lot of love in our house.

T. Jones, Antwerp

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